Farm Punk: everything is beautiful & so are you!

Hello Beauties!!

Elements of the Old Soul is a collection of our grandparent’s treasures & collected junk over several lifetimes. We have been gifted with old pallet boards, nails that were saved from the depression era, newspapers from the 50's, mystery meats canned & jarred with dates as early as 1976, & of course inspiration to create something beautiful from all of these!

My husband & I are in our late 30's & together we have 5 children! In 2013, the doctors discovered that I had a brain tumor that needed to be removed right away. After emergency brain surgery, we decided to downgrade & live simply! We built a little tiny house here in the Ozarks (NWA Arkansas) & started living! It is here that we have the ability to get creative!

Through all of the negative storms.... we can still see the beauty in the storms! Elements of the Old Soul has given us the opportunity to escape the real world & focus on creating art!

We are so happy that you are reading this! Thank you for visiting our store! Make sure to favorite our shop & check back for up dates!

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